Photo Source: Toronto Zoo

“Humphrey” is his name, cute is the game

The world’s most famous polar bear cub finally has a name.

The Toronto Zoo announced this morning that the roly-poly little guy is officially Humphrey Piujuq. His second name, pronounced “Piu”, is a traditional Inuit name meaning “good and nice”.

A Name-the-Cub contest presented by Coca Cola drew 14,000 votes from eager families hoping to pick the best name for the adorable cub.  

Humphrey Piujuq – Toronto’s Cutest Baby

The birth of Humphrey four months ago has represented a heartwarming journey of survival for one of Canada’s vulnerable species. Having garnered nearly eight million You Tube views on his videos, it is safe to say the cub is the most popular polar bear of all time.

The videos have kept his fans up to date on all of his major milestones – first steps, first bath, first public debut. But what the videos don’t show is the behind-the-scenes efforts of the Wildlife Health and Care staff at the Zoo, who work tirelessly to make sure Humphrey has the best care.

“The Toronto Zoo saves and protects animals and their habitats at home and abroad,” Supervisor of the America’s, Jeff Young said during the announcement on the zoo’s website today. “Humphrey is a wonderful result of this continuous commitment.”

Humphrey rounds out his family of four at the zoo. He can be seen in the Tundra Trek exhibit between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily with his mom, dad and older sister – Aurora, Inukshuk and Nikita.

Humphrey unveils his own name