You’re too quick!

I need some more time to get this page going. Be patient and come back to see some of my blog.

When you come back, the blog will be based on the theme below:

I really try to enjoy the moment, taking advantage of where I am living in the here and now, and this is why I want to have a blog that features the hidden gems of the areas around where I live. The goal of this blog is to feature these hidden gems, the likes of which could be any of the following:

  1. People: Artists / entrepreneurs – I would love to include features of ordinary people that I meet.
  2. Places: Cool places or landmarks where I am at the moment. Ex. Museums, stores, café’s, parks, etc.
  3. Things: Ingenious gadgets I find, books, tools, recipes, ingredients, and foods.
  4. Concepts: Ideas, thoughts, quotes

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